Posted on May 14 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk

We are always getting asked about the estimated dates for this years’ crops. Here you will find the dates we harvested fruits and veggies last year. Of course, every year is different, but this will give you a good estimate for this year.

Asparagus – May 6th through June 19th

Strawberries – June 16th through July 8th

Raspberries – July 1st (available through summer and fall)

Sweet Cherries – July 1st through August 6th

U-Pick Sweet Cherries – July 5th through July 28th

Apricots – August 2nd through August 29th

U-Pick Apricots – August 10th through August 15th

Bay City Sweet Corn – July 19th until we get our own

King Orchards’ Sweet Corn – August 4th through October 5th

Prune Plums – August 17th (usually around 3 weeks or so)

Red Haven Peaches – August 19th through September 9th

Gingergolds – August 24th (available in the market for 6 weeks or so)

Bartlett Pears – August 31st (available 4 weeks or so)

Honeycrisp – September 9th (available in our market through the winter)

Gala – September 15th (available in our market through the winter)