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King Orchards' Farm Market Bakery

The King Orchards advantage starts with flavorful fruit. Our fruit is tree ripened to obtain the best real natural flavors that we pack into all of our home style goodies. We make our bakery products in our own certified kitchen at our US-31 market.

Jams, Jellies & Butters

We make small batch jams and jellies out of our own fresh fruit in season.

Homemade Pie

We make fabulous fruit pies fresh baked with a variety of filling combinations. We use our own fruit right out of the fruit stand, both fresh and frozen fruit depending on the season.

Other Farm Goodies

Depending on the season we may have an assortment of farm goodies ranging from baked apples, dumpling, fruit breads, muffins, cookies, strudels and, other tasty treats made with lots of fruit flavor and love.

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