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Posted on Jan 30 under Cherry Juice, Crop Updates & Orchard Talk

In February, we celebrate Montmorency tart cherries during National Tart Cherry Month.

To help you celebrate National Tart Cherry Month with us, we are offering $9.99 flat rate shipping on your entire order in the contiguous U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii $9.99 flat rate shipping on a maximum of 10 quarts of cherry juice concentrate) throughout the month of February. Take advantage of this sale by trying out some tart cherry products you’ve had your eye on (my personal favorite is our dark chocolate covered dried cherries) or up your order from 3 quarts of concentrate to 5 quarts. As always, we are still offering free shipping on tart cherry capsules and 1 oz. packets of cherry juice concentrate.

A cherry isn’t just a cherry. #MontmorencyMatters

When you Choose Cherries, make sure you’re choosing the varietal Montmorency. Download the Road to Montmorency to to discover why the Montmorency varietal is the Cherry with More!

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Posted on Jan 04 under Cherry Juice, Crop Updates & Orchard Talk

Sale on King Orchards Montmorency Tart Cherry CapsulesUpgraded Cherry Capsules

As many of you know, we have recently upgraded our Montmorency Cherry Capsules. We have added more powder into every capsule (from 435 mg to 500 mg) and more capsules into every bottle (from 60 capsules to 90 capsules). For the month of January, we will be offering a sale on 4 bottles of capsules for $16.50/bottle + free shipping (regular price $16.99).

Coupon Code: capsules

Use this coupon code when you checkout online.

Shop Cherry Capsules Here

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We prepared this Cherry Herb Sorbet during our Cherry Themed Dinner to Celebrate National Cherry Month. It is a great pallet cleanser to serve after the main course and prior to dessert.

Ingredients for Cherry Herb SorbetCherry Herb Sorbet with King Orchards Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate

  • 2/3 cup dryish white wine
  • 3 cups water
  • 3 tablespoons King Orchards Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 stick cinnamon
  • 6 whole cloves
  • a handful of fresh herbs: lavender, oregano, thyme, sage, or what ever else is available

Place wine, water, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and the herbs into a saucepan; stir over low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 4 minutes. Let stand to infuse for at least 1 hour. Strain into a bowl, add the cherry concentrate and some of the same herbs finely chopped. Freeze in an ice cream machine.

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StephanShayNYCMarathon (2)
I’ve been a runner my entire life.  Quite literally following in the footsteps of my older siblings, my passion for the sport of distance running started at a young age. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to compete in races across the United States, Asia, and Europe. Although I was a solid runner in high school and college, I felt like I really came on when I had the opportunity to devote myself fully to my passion. It is at this point I decided to train and race on an elite level. Moving to Flagstaff, Arizona after college set me up for some great breakthrough races which allowed me to pursue running as a professional.

As athletes, we tend to push our bodies on a daily basis, and usually aren’t too far from that red line.  With improved performances comes confidence, and with confidence comes the desire to test the limits.  In 2011 I ran the London Marathon, and in preparation I felt like I had put in the best training of my life.  Maybe not the SMARTEST training, but I put in the work to run what I had hoped would be a time that would rank me amongst the top U.S. distance runners.  Unfortunately, I had to drop out at mile 18.  I was devastated.  I traveled to London from California and put in months of hard training for this one race.

StephanShayProgression (2)Fast forward a few months to my 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon preparation. Usually by this time I’ve licked my wounds and I’m on to the next challenge.  However, something was still off with my foot from the London Marathon. A lump had formed on my plantar fascia, and I assumed it was just inflammation.  I went to a podiatrist and we tried a few different things; one being an eventual dose of 3 cortisone injections.  After many months, and muscling my way through the Olympic Trials in what is surprisingly still my personal best time, I decided the situation was not getting better and had to get surgery on my foot to remove a fibroma caused by scar tissue from micro-tears on my plantar fascia.  After months of running on what felt like a marble in my shoe, it was gone… along with a good portion of my plantar fascia.

Now starts the real challenge: REHAB.  The surgery caused a lot of weakness and some pretty bad tendonitis in my ankle.  I had to be in a boot for 3 months, causing muscle atrophy and overcompensation issues.  Ibuprofen was making its way into my daily vitamin box, and although I was diligent with my exercises, ice, and elevation, the tendonitis in my ankle persisted. Not feeling great about having to take so much ibuprofen, I started using Tart Cherry Juice concentrate as a more holistic and natural approach.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Not only is my foot feeling consistently better, but I am recovering from workouts quicker. King Orchards Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is definitely one of the most important supplements I take!

Check out a typical pre-run breakfast during my altitude training stint in Flagstaff, Arizona leading up to the LA Marathon on March 15th, where I’ll be chasing another Olympic Trials Marathon qualifying time.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to follow my journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
Personal Bests:5K:  13:59 (while attending Brigham Young University)
10k:  28:41 (Brutus Hamilton Invitational, Berkeley, CA)
15K:  44:54 (10th at U.S. Championship)
10 mile:  48:52 (12th at U.S. Championship)
20k:  60:47 (12th at U.S. Championship)
25k:  1:18:03 (9th at U.S. Championship)
Half Marathon:  1:02:26 (5th at U.S. Championship)

Marathon: 2:16 (2012 Olympic Trials Marathon)

Awards and Achievements:
2014: 4th American finisher at the New York City Marathon

2014: Orange County Marathon Winner.
2011: USA Track and Field Pacific Association Olympic Development grant recipient.
2011: Qualifier for the 2012 Olympic Trials in the marathon.
2010: 5th place finish at U.S. Half Marathon Champs. Debuted in 1:02:26. 8th Fastest half marathon in the United States in 2010.
2010 World Half Marathon Championship Qualifier (Nanning, China)
2010: Road Scholar grant recipient from the Road Runner’s Club of America.TartCherryJuiceStephanShay (2)

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Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.20.17 AM

Age: 23

Team: Pacers/New Balance

Sponsors: King Orchards, Pacers Running Stores, New Balance, Honey Stinger

Coach: Self-Coached

Location: Hagerstown, MD

Favorite race:  Youngstown Peace Race

About me: I started running my sophomore year of high school. I made the switch from playing soccer because I felt DSC_1117like I was better at running. I went on to run at the NCAA Division II powerhouse, Adams State University. While there, I was All Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Second Team in cross-country; NCAA DII All-South Central Region in cross-country; NCAA DII All-American in cross-country, finishing 30th place in the nation as well as a NCAA DII team national champion in cross country. Since then, I’ve switched my focus to road racing. I’m chasing the 2016 Olympic Trails Qualifier in the marathon.

1395272_745076528842569_1566013440_n (1)Recovery is just as important as working out. After reading about tart cherry juice I was interested in trying it. I take a glass of cherry juice 1 hour before any run and one glass within 30 minutes of working out. If I’m unable to get to my cherry juice after the run, I pack 1/3 of a cup of dried tart cherries to eat until I get the juice. On top of this, I have one glass of juice before bed, as it helps not only to fall asleep, but helps the body with recovery during the night (when most recovery takes place). Since starting the regimen of tart cherries/juice, I’ve noticed a significant difference. I am not sore at all starting up runs, which allows me to gain even more benefit of every training run.

Follow me on Instagram and twitter for season updates: @zoom4ever



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physical therapist mountain biker who drinks King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrateWorking in the field of medicine means I take health seriously.  By trade, I am a licensed physical therapist in Colorado, and I am specialized in orthopedic and sports medicine.  I have a Doctorate in Physical therapy and trained very hard to understand the anatomy and physiology of the entire body. Throughout my professional career, I have enjoyed working with athletes of all ages and abilities. Traveling with the US Snowboardcross team in the US, Europe, and Canada has undoubtedly been a highlight of my career.

Understanding the human body and its healing processes has lead me to seeking natural resources for optimal nutrition and athleticism.  Being an amateur cross country mountain bike racer, I have personally felt the negative effects of overworked, stressed, and inflamed muscles and joints.  I use King Orchards’ Cherry Juice Concentrate EVERYDAY to keep this process under control during my off-season training and during the madness of the mountain biking season. I actually drink it during my rides too – it tastes great!  The Unsweetened Dried Tart Cherries are another favorite of mine that I munch on all the time!

Big Thanks,
Eric Dube, PT, DPT, OCSphysical therapist mountain biker who drinks King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate

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Cooper Dendel mountain bike racer that drink montmorency tart cherry juice concentrateAge: 23

Team: Quick Stop Bike Shop (title sponsor)

Sponsors: King Orchards, Trek, Bontrager, Podium Wear, Momentum Endurance, Frosty Treats, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Answer, Manitou, Honey Stinger

License: XC: Pro

Coach: Brian Matter (Momentum Endurance)

Location: Marquette MI

Favorite race: Marquette Cooper Dendel mountain bike racer that drink montmorency tart cherry juice concentrateTrails Festival

Bike: Trek Superfly FS 9.9 XTR

About me: I started mountain bike racing 5 years ago and fell in LOVE. I race mostly in the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin but make the trip down to Traverse City every year to compete in the Iceman Cometh challenge. Although this style race is not my favorite, it is pretty exciting lining up next to Olympians and world class athletes. My favorite races have mostly technical single track trail, and living in Marquette, I am fortunate enough to have miles and miles of single track right out my back door!

I have made drinking a glass of cherry juice part of my after ride routine, and it is not only refreshing but helps my body feel better quicker after tough workouts. One of my favorite things to make is carbonated water, add cherry juice concentrate, and a squeeze of lime.

Follow me on Instagram and twitter: @cooperdendel

Cooper Dendel mountain bike racer that drink montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate

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Posted on May 03 under Cherry Juice, Recipes

New to drinking cherry juice? Here is a brief introduction to mixing and enjoying delicious 100% Montmorency tart cherry juice.

Getting Started:
Cherry juice concentrate should be refrigerated upon arrival. You can store it for 6 months in the refrigerator or 12 months in the freezer. King Orchards cherry juice concentrate is concentrated to 68 brix; It won’t freeze solid or expand in the freezer.

Mixing cherry juice:
For a single glass of cherry juice, we recommend a mix of 7 parts water to 1 part concentrate. That’s 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) of concentrate for an 8 ounce glass of juice.

Another easy recipe is to mix 1/2 cup of cherry juice concentrate with 3 1/2 cups of water. This makes 1 quart of juice. We suggest making no more than a quart in advance, to minimize the possibility of spoilage.

Get Creative!
King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate is 100% Montmorency cherries. That means it’s pure fruit, so feel free to experiment! Try mixing with club soda, orange or apple juice. A bit of tart cherry juice adds a nice flavor twist to summer lemonade, and is also a great cocktail mixer. We have many customers who add cherry juice concentrate to their yogurt and oatmeal, too.  It’s a sweet and sour delight over ice cream. Tart cherry juice concentrate gives everything a boost of natural cherry pie flavor.

Do you have a great cherry juice recipe?
If you have your own tart cherry juice recipes or serving suggestions, we’d love to hear and share them. Jot us a note in the comment section, or give us a call toll-free at 877-937-5464.

Cheers! and as always, thank you for supporting Michigan cherry growers!

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Posted on Feb 09 under Cherry Juice, Videos

Doctor Oz recommends tart cherry juice for antioxidants

Tart cherry juice was recently featured on the popular Dr. Oz Show. You can see a video of the show here:

Amazing Antioxidants: Tart Cherry Juice

In the feature, Dr. Oz talked about some of the exciting research being done on Montmorency tart cherries, particularly in the areas of heart health, muscle recovery and natural melatonin. It was really a great segment, with good information as to why tart cherry juice has been making so much news lately.

If you’ve decided to go ahead and try tart cherry juice, you’ll want to be  sure you’re getting 100% tart cherry juice and that it’s made from Montmorency tart cherries. Montmorency tart cherries (also called “sour cherries” or “pie cherries”) are the cherries on which the health research is being conducted.

Also, consider tart cherry juice concentrate. King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate is very affordable. One 32 oz bottle has 32 servings, or a one month’s supply, so it works out to well under $1 per day.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tart cherries or tart cherry juice concentrate. We are real family growers, and we know our cherries!

Cheers to Cherries!

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Very Cherry Promotion Award 2011

Jim and Rose, 2010 National Cherry Queen Maria LaCross, John and Betsy

Here we are receiving from the National Cherry Festival the 2011 Very Cherry Promotion Award! We are very proud to of this! Thank You!

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