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Posted on Nov 08 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk, King Family

Several news items that I should have posted earlier but I didn’t.
The biggest news is that Jim and Rose are grandparents again as Mark and Brande had a baby boy, Benjamin Mark Schiller. Ben Joins Maizey his 2 year old sister.
Next we are back in the cider business after a 17 year layoff. Jim and I bought an old 36 inch rack and cloth press a year ago and finally got it into service. We are currently only selling non-Pasteurized fresh cider, so we are not wholesaling it. You can only get it at our markets or the farmers markets that we frequent. We pressed today and we will press again in a week or so. We are still working some bugs out of the system but it is fun to have cider again.
Many will be excited to hear that the first of 15 double bottom semi loads of turkey manure arrive this week! We are spreading it starting in Grand Traverse County and working our way North over the next couple weeks. I am always amazed at how bad turkey manure smells, but for those who live in the smell zone please be patient, I hope the smell subsides in just a day or two after we get it spread. We are cognizant of how annoying it can be and we will pledge to spread it as soon after it is delivered as possible.

We are still blessed with an abundance of apples and we have some seconds for sauce or cooking too. Since the crop was so short we did not sell to the grocery store chain in the UP that we usually sell to. So we still have plenty here at the markets. We also have a bunch of squash left, Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Carnival, Sugar Dumpling, Delicata, and even some giant (and some not so giant) Hubbard squash.

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Posted on Jan 25 under Cherry Juice, King Family

Very Cherry Promotion Award 2011

Jim and Rose, 2010 National Cherry Queen Maria LaCross, John and Betsy

Here we are receiving from the National Cherry Festival the 2011 Very Cherry Promotion Award! We are very proud to of this! Thank You!

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Join Orchard Talk every day in February as the King Orchards family, crew and guest bloggers will be writing about cherries: growing and harvesting cherries, cherry recipes, cherry juice, and cherry nutrition news.  We’re calling this series “28 Days Powered by Red,” in honor of National Cherry Month and American Heart Health Month.


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Posted on Apr 25 under King Family

Ben Hicks, son to our fabulous bookkeeper, Gretchen, earned a top ten finish at the 2009 National Nastar Championships in Steamboat Colorado last month.

Ben Hicks Nastar Nationals

(Click on the image to enlarge the view & read the article)

Congratulations Ben!

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Posted on Feb 10 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk, King Family

Hi Everyone,
It has finally slowed down here on the farm and I hate to say it but Jim and John are already talking Spring? Meanwhile our Jésus in the Office has been getting out and trying new moves on the Snowboard! Unsuccessfully I might add! He tried a ‘Big Move’ and came down in a pile! Broke his collar bone and has been in a arm sling ever since. You should see him keep up in the office with one arm. Hahahah I think he is going to have one arm like Popeye! Good luck Jésus!

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Posted on Mar 07 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk, King Family

Frankie does a back flip at Schuss Mountain!


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