Unpasteurized Apple Cider

There is nothing like old fashioned, raw, unpasteurized apple cider made with our own apples. We press the apples on our rack and cloth apple press. There is a different mix of apples in each press. Looking for a hard cider mix of apples? Click here to see the blends and quantities available in our freezers.

Rack and Cloth Unpasteurized Apple Cider Press Process

1. We hand pick all the apples that go into our cider.








2. The apples then get put on our line to begin the cider making process.

cider apples







3. They travel up an elevator that drops the apples into our grinder.











4. The ground apples get spread onto cheese cloths and then each cheese cloth gets wrapped up like a present.

apple pieces getting spread onto rack and cloth cider press







5. We then put a rack on top of the cheese cloth and begin filling another layer of cheese cloth with the ground up apple pieces.

rack and cloth cider press










6. The tower of racks and cloths then gets pressed and the juice runs out of the cloths and travels into our holding tank where it gets blended.

As the pressure rises apple cider begins to flow.

A stack of freshly ground apples wrapped in cheese cloth is pressed into cider.

7. The raw uncooked cider then gets bottled immediately after pressing.

Raw uncooked Apple Cider is bottled immediately after pressing.