Fruit for Brewing

Tree Ripened Fruit to Add to Your Beer, Wine, Mead, or Hard Cider

We are a family owned orchard that offers tree ripened, full flavored fruit in the form of concentrate, juice and frozen to add to your beer, wine, mead, or hard cider year ’round. All of our craft concentrates and frozen fruit are grown right here in Northern Michigan. Our high quality growing standards make our fruit the best fruit for brewing.

Craft Fruit Concentrates

Fruit concentrates are what we specialize in! We make all of our fruit concentrates 5 gallon bucket of Montmorency tart cherry juice concentratewith whole, tree run fruit! We let our fruit hang on the tree until it reaches its peak ripeness. Our fruit concentrates are offered in (12) 32 ounce bottle cases, 5 gallon pails, and 52 gallon drums. You can purchase 5 gallon pails with the links below. We have worked with many breweries, wineries, and meaderies who find our concentrate to be a great additive during or after the fermentation process.

Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate – 68 Brix

We actively grow 180 acres of Montmorency tart cherries and put them all into our concentrate. We let them hang on the tree until they are at their peak ripeness and highest Brix content. All our cherries are then custom pressed, making a high quality concentrate like no other! Read more about our flagship product here.
Buy a 5 gallon pail of Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate

Balaton Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate – 68 Brix

This cherry is slightly sweeter and darker in color than the Montmorency tart cherry. Brewers love this cherry for its color and unique sweet-tart flavor profile.
Buy a 5 gallon pail of Balaton Cherry Juice Concentrate

McIntosh Apple Juice Concentrate – 70 Brix

This concentrate was made with all McIntosh apples. All the apples were hand picked and the concentrate was made with the entire apple, rather than the bi-product of peels and cores like most apple concentrates.
Buy a 5 gallon pail of McIntosh Apple Juice Concentrate

Bartlett/Bost Pear Juice Concentrate – 70 Brix

With a sweet, almost honey like taste, this variety specific pear concentrate is made from hand picked, tree ripened fruit. Works great as a back sweetener or base to any perry.
Buy a 5 gallon pail of Bartlett/Bosc Pear Juice Concentrate

Northern Spy Apple Concentrate – 70 Brix

This heritage apple provides a tart base for any cider. Made with 100% hand picked Northern Spy apples. We wait until the apples are perfectly tree ripened then have them pressed and concentrated. Our cool nights and warm fall days make for the perfect climate to grow Northern Spy apples. This apple concentrate has extremely complex flavors and is perfect for hard cider or apple wine. For fermentation only.
Buy a 5 gallon pail of Northern Spy Apple Concentrate

Frozen Cherry Brewer’s Special!

Balaton tart cherries in the lugThis summer, we took tree ripened Balaton tart cherries as well as sweet cherries and pitted them in house. We then bulk froze these in 5 gallon pails (40lbs. of Balaton cherries/pail and 35 lbs. of sweet cherries/pail). These are a great option for brewers of all sizes and can be shipped ground!

Buy 40 lbs. of Frozen Pitted Balatons Here

Buy 35 lbs. of Frozen Pitted Sweet Cherries Here


A stack of freshly ground apples wrapped in cheese cloth is pressed into cider.Frozen Apple Cider

Our cider is pressed at the peak of Northern Michigan apple season. We are now offering a balanced blend of both tart and sweet apples that we have frozen in 250 gallon totes. Reserve your cider now!



IQF CherriesFresh Montmorency tart cherries in orchard near Traverse City in Northern Michigan

These Individually Quick Frozen cherries are picked at the peak of freshness, then pitted and frozen separately so they are much easier to handle. These are available in 40lb boxes. If you are looking for a whole fruit for brewing that is exceptionally easy to use, our IQF cherries are perfect! We offer both Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries.


“Howdy, I wanted to thank you for you wonderful cherries. I make a sour beer with your Montmorency cherry concentrate (Queen of Tarts). This year at the Great American Beer festival we won gold for that beer in the American sour ale category. We also won brewery of the year. Could not have done it without your cherries. Thanks”
-Shawn Steele Quality Control Manager Karl Strauss Brewing San Diego CA
“I would like to share some great news with you.  This last weekend was the 13th annual FoBAB (Festival of Barrel Aged Beers) held in Chicago. This festival is recognized as the longest running and largest Barrel aged beer festival in the country. With over 100 breweries, 12 categories, and 420 beers, it attracts nearly 12,000 attendees and keeps growing.
We were honored to take a silver medal in the fruit beer category for “King’s Blood.”   We take our base cherry beer, “King Balaton” (King Orchards+Balaton cherries)  cherry wheat beer that we aged in red wine barrels for over 4 month’s.   It tastes delicious and the judges agreed.   We couldn’t be happier to be recognized for our efforts. I believe the quality of our beer is enhanced by the quality of your cherries. So congrats to you too!”
-Mark Hendrick Alter Brewing Company Downers Grove IL

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