40 lbs. Bulk Frozen Tart Cherries


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Frozen Tart Cherries…

100% Pitted Cherries- No Additives, No Preservatives!

ATTENTION: This comes in one LARGE bulk bag. This is for the economical customer who appreciates paying only $2.75/lb. and working with this LARGE bag. 

This quantity of frozen tart cherries is for the serious cherry lover. These cherries are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) which makes them very easy to use in small or large amounts.

Since fresh tart cherries are only available for a few weeks, these frozen cherries have proven to be an excellent alternative. They are harvested and frozen at their peak ripeness to preserve quality, texture, and flavor.

What Shipping Method Should You Choose?

We ship frozen cherries on Monday. We do make exceptions, but please call with your order 877-937-5464

Choose Ground IF your area is shaded yellow.

Choose GROUND IF your area is shaded orange (will arrive within 2 days) AND there it is cold enough to hold frozen fruit (under 45 degrees F) AND you are OK with your cherries being slightly thawed

Choose 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air IF it won’t arrive for 4+ days OR it is too warm to hold frozen fruit (45+ degrees).

For example, we have a customer from VA who ordered cherries via ground shipping. The temperatures rose to 50 degrees so she called us and changed her shipping to 2nd day air. Kudos to our VA customer because as much as we appreciate being economical, we can only guarantee cherries that are arriving the next day. We have trouble keeping an eye on the weather around the nation so you have to make the best shipping option for your area.ups shipping map for frozen cherries from Central Lake, Michigan

Remember, we only do ground shipping until mid March so now is the time to order!

40 lb. box ships in one bulk bag



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Weight 46 lbs
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