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Montmorency Cherry Capsules 90 Count

These capsules are made from the skin and pulp of the cherry. It is freeze-dried and put into a vegetarian capsule. The only ingredient in the cherry powder is Montmorency tart cherries! Each serving contains 960 mg of Montmorency Tart Cherry (fruit) powder.



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These capsules are made from the skin and pulp of the cherry. It is freeze-dried and put into a vegetarian capsule. The only ingredient in the cherry powder is Montmorency tart cherries! Each serving contains 960 mg of Montmorency Tart Cherry (fruit) powder.

Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate:  Grown and packaged by people who care.

Our concentrate is made from pure Montmorency tart cherries; no preservatives or additives. Each serving contains 960mg of Montmorency Tart Cherry (fruit) powder.

Tart cherries are a healthy whole fruit that is high in fiber, potassium, beta carotene, and antioxidants. One-quarter cup of dried cherries has 15% of the RDA for fiber.

Cherries also contain potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, B6, E, and folic acid. Tart cherries have virtually no fat and no sodium.

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14 reviews for Montmorency Cherry Capsules 90 Count

  1. D. Moral (verified owner)

    I an re-ordering.
    Not only has this provided continued relief from gout symptoms, it has helped ease pain in movement overall.
    My SO had tried it, and despite being skeptical about most things, he is a believer in this product as well. I will not compromise for health, and there is no substitute for King Orchard. I will continue to order, wallet-permitting! 🙂

  2. Harriet (verified owner)

    I love this product i have been using it for 6 mo. I have arthritis and my knee was really inflamed almost bone on bone and i take two a day and my knee is so much better. I do not have body aches as much anymore. I also take a turmeric capsule everyday along with two tart cherry juice capsules.

  3. Debbie D. (verified owner)

    I absolutely swear by these cherry pills. I have been using them for years and have recommended them to many of my friends. Now my husband takes them too. They relieve arthritis symptoms wonderfully!! Thanks for making a great product!!

  4. Debbie D. (verified owner)

    I left a review a few minutes ago and tried to click on the “5” for my rating, but somehow it put in “3”, that was for sure a mistake, I definitely give them a “5”.

  5. PJ Lynn (verified owner)

    5 Star rating for sure as have been taking King Orchard Montmorency Cherry Capsules for 5+ years and they have not only relieved arthritis pain in my knees but have greatly assisted me to get a great night’s sleep every night!! Thanks King Orchards!!! PJ Church Lynn, Auckland, NZ

  6. Robert Buck (verified owner)

    On my second bottle of capsules as first time buyer. Have used Tart Cherry capsules for years with so-so results. The main reason was to avoid taking drugs for Gout.
    The other suppliers were just OK as I had to fall back to drugs to stop the pain. So far so good with these capsules. I am ordering for a second time and will update my results but my rating would be a 5 if these capsules continue to perform.

  7. Robert Buck (verified owner)

    This is an update from 09/24/2017. After years of trying different brands, Swanson’s (cheap price) , Traverse Farms (growers), Piping Rock (much cheaper) and prescription drugs for Gout I found the solution. King Orchard Tart Cherry capsules have made me “Gout free” (no drugs to combat) for over 4 months!! I never miss a day and am a true believer and “poster child” for this product!!
    I have given these capsules the time I felt to make this testimonial.
    What is stated is accurate for this product and more!!!!

  8. Ann Beyer (verified owner)

    I have been using these tart cherry capsules for years and they are excellent for my arthritis! They are excellent quality and far above the other brands. Thank- you for my improved health!! I give it a 5 star rating( computer won’t let me choose)

  9. Miranda Tindle (verified owner)

    I have both of my 12yr old labradors on these capsules twice a day. I give capsules to my female just for arthritis maintenance and my male has elbow dysplasia. He has had stem cell therapy, 2 rounds of PRP and is on so many natural supplements and a daily pain med he has his own pill sorter. I believe him being on these now for a long time is a great benefit. We were wondering if this would affect his blood work values at all, but his blood work is still perfect for 12yrs old. I will continue to administer one cap twice a day. These are a much better grade and price than any ‘cherry caps’ sold specifically for dogs.

  10. 4t44t5 (verified owner)

    Rating 5 out of 5.

    For several years now, have been taking one 300 mg Allopurinol tablet each day, otherwise I would regularly experience those painful gout flareups. After taking two King Orchards tart cherry capsules daily for only two weeks, have stopped taking Allopurinol altogether. Will inform my physician of this in five months during my next recall appointment.

    Thanks to King Orchards,

    Ric in West Virginia 08-30-2018.

  11. jill krovoza

    Have had pain in my feet & legs, when a lady I work with told me about cherry pills. Went to the local herb shop and the lady said “These are the ones most people buy & they work wonders”. Well I started on them right away, the next day at work my pain was gone{SURPRISE}. I take them daily & will not stop, very satisfied with your product. The only problem I have had was living far away from the Herb shop & they are sometimes out, that is why I am going directly to you now. Very happy you had all the info on your bottle.

  12. Daniel Maszkiewicz

    I started taking this once daily to reduce muscle soreness after athletics. I have been taking a tablet once daily for past 3 months. Not sure if it is helping or not. I am recovering from some long-standing injuries and so far so good. I would say I am experiencing a bit less muscle soreness though if could be due to the therapy I have been doing . I haven’t had any adverse reactions. It would be nice if they had more double-blind medical studies instead of just testimonials. It would also help if they studied what dosage and what form (dried fruit vs juice vs capsules) were most effective. What are they waiting for?

    • Courtney King (store manager)

      Hi Daniel- I am glad to see you are trying out the capsules. Since we sell Montmorency tart cherry products, the FDA does not allow us to make any claims. is a great resource for research in the cherry industry.

  13. Robert Fondriest (verified owner)

    Skeptic review. I did my own study taking two capsules a day for the 45 days and then went off for three weeks. I have arthritis pain in my thumbs and knees among other joints. I really noticed that it works after the three weeks and the pain returned to my thumbs and then realized I had been pain free for weeks. I have placed an order and will be a recurring customer. I trust King Orchard tart cherry because it was the brand listed in the national study on Tart Cherry I read. Bob

  14. ssmarilyn (verified owner)

    I had studied up on natural insomnia supplements and concentrated tart cherry juice was at the top of the list so I thought I’d try the capsules and I do believe they are working! I take 2 early in the evening and am sleeping and dreaming!! Will re-order!!

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