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Posted on Jun 25 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk, Videos

See what it is that keeps us so busy at King Orchards every spring…

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Posted on Jan 02 under Recipes, Videos

Our New Year’s resolution is to eat more fruit! Since it is still apple season here on the farm, we thought we would share our favorite apple recipes and uses at King Orchards.

5. KO Apple Dip

-1 8 oz. package softened cream cheese

-3/4 cup brown sugar

-1 tsp. vanilla

-1/2 cup chopped peanuts

King Orchards’ apples

Soften cream cheese. Mix in brown sugar, vanilla, and nuts. Serve with fresh sliced King Orchards’ apples!

*source unknown

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Posted on May 16 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk, Videos

A new Chinook wind machine went up at King Orchards last week. Due to the widely variable weather we hope this thing will provide some protection from frosts on cold clear nights. The idea is that on clear nights with no breeze the heat from the blossoms (and car windshields) is radiated away to space. The blossoms then become colder than the surrounding air, and as the air cools it becomes dense and sinks to the lowest areas. Our wind machine will take warmer air from up high and blow it past the blossoms to keep their temperatures from reaching extreme low temps. Sunday night when it dipped to 29 degrees about 5.00 am I started it up and I think it worked but 29 wasn’t cold enough for real damage even without the machine.

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Hello everyone!
Even though it is winter we are still here on the farm and working hard. 🙂
The winter is progressing and so is our new building. We are very excited to see the inside of the building coming together. This week we are hoping to get the paneling put up in the offices. We can not wait to move to the new building and have some room in the old one; however we realize that it will be a little while yet.

We also still have apples in the market, including the all popular Honeycrisp Apples. There are lots of 2nd apples and snow days are perfect for making apple sauce with the kids. We have frozen cherries in the market and they are available for shipping. Call us at 1-877-937-5464 to get daily updates on what we have in the market or to order your frozen cherries.
To learn more about shipping frozen cherries watch our  frozen cherry shipping video.


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Posted on Apr 21 under Crop Updates & Orchard Talk, Videos
Jack reminds Josh "roots down"

Jack reminds Josh "roots down"

Watch the video:

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Posted on Feb 09 under Cherry Juice, Videos

Doctor Oz recommends tart cherry juice for antioxidants

Tart cherry juice was recently featured on the popular Dr. Oz Show. You can see a video of the show here:

Amazing Antioxidants: Tart Cherry Juice

In the feature, Dr. Oz talked about some of the exciting research being done on Montmorency tart cherries, particularly in the areas of heart health, muscle recovery and natural melatonin. It was really a great segment, with good information as to why tart cherry juice has been making so much news lately.

If you’ve decided to go ahead and try tart cherry juice, you’ll want to be  sure you’re getting 100% tart cherry juice and that it’s made from Montmorency tart cherries. Montmorency tart cherries (also called “sour cherries” or “pie cherries”) are the cherries on which the health research is being conducted.

Also, consider tart cherry juice concentrate. King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate is very affordable. One 32 oz bottle has 32 servings, or a one month’s supply, so it works out to well under $1 per day.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tart cherries or tart cherry juice concentrate. We are real family growers, and we know our cherries!

Cheers to Cherries!

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