Cherry Juice Concentrate

_JK_9940Tart Cherry Juice. The best cherry juice to be had because:

  • 100% grown, processed, and packed in Michigan
  • Made from 100% whole fruit grown in Northern Michigan
  • King Orchards quality inspected and supervised
  • Always has been – always will be – made with 100% Montmorency Tart Cherries
  • Cold filled to preserve nutrients and flavor – never re-heated in the bottling process
  • Concentrated to 68 Brix (7 parts water to 1 part concentrate to make a single strength juice)

Our focus IS Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate. We put almost our entire crop of Montmorency tart cherries into our concentrate. The concentrate isn’t made as a byproduct, but is instead made for a reason, to provide an extremely high quality Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate.

We recommend 1 oz. or 2 tablespoons of concentrate per day which means a 32 oz. bottle is 32 servings. We also sell convenient 1 oz. single serving packets which make traveling with concentrate easy.

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