Peaches & Nectarines


Garnet Beauty Peaches

A bud sport of Red Haven discovered in the orchard of Garnet Bruner in Ontario. It matures two weeks before Michigan Red Havens and is semi-cling. Very sweet and delicious.

Red Haven Peaches

Red Haven peaches are the all-time favorite of peach lovers for both canning and eating fresh. They are freestone, which means that the fruit comes free from the stone when peeled. Other areas of the country may grow more of this fruit than we do here, but nothing compares with the flavor of Michigan peaches. We even have customers from Wisconsin who trek across the U.P. every year to stock up on Michigan Red Havens. Keep your eye out for them starting mid-August.


Nectarines are rarely found this far north, however our lake view hills serve as a perfect home for these trees. Although a short season, it is not one to miss! You know it is nectarine season when every employee and customer has juice dripping down their face from a fresh, tree ripened nectarine.

U-Pick peach season begins around mid-August and lasts approximately three weeks. Nectarine season usually falls in the middle of peach season and lasts one to two weeks.

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