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We offer both we pick and u-pick strawberries from mid June through early July. Our field is managed specifically with pick your own strawberries in mind which means we have very clean rows and a number of varieties to keep the picking good just about every day of the season (unless it is rainy).

pick your own strawberries at King Orchards in Northern Michigan
King Orchards Strawberry Field

Have you ever picked a fresh Michigan strawberry? Strawberry connoisseurs claim Michigan grows the best strawberries in the country. They are full of flavor and color.

When you come u-pick strawberries, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself and your family. We offer buckets and trays to make the picking easy and convenient. You are able to walk or drive out to the patch making it handicap accessible.

We only offer u-pick strawberries at our M-88 Market but offer we pick strawberries at both. Please always check in at the fruit stand before heading out to the orchard.