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Frozen cherries

Calling all foodies!!! February is National Cherry Month! The perfect time to try ordering some of our frozen tart cherries. We have been shipping pitted tart cherries for years however, I have done it differently every year. This year I think I have it down pat. Of course, I would like everyone to opt for next day air shipping-that is the best, but, so expensive. So I have done a little testing and here are a few hints. Cherries arriving the next day are beautiful! All of lower Michigan and some Chicago areas come next day with ground shipping. Cherries arriving in 2 days are partially frozen and only 3 or 4 tbls. of juice. Cherries arriving in 3 days will be thawed with some frost on the outside and about 1/2 cup of juice. Cherries arriving in 4 days are thawed but cold and 3/4 cup of juice. Cherries can be refrozen by spreading out in bag and laying out flat. We hope everyone wants to try some of our frozen cherries as I have 100,000 pound to sell. That is only a recipe or 2 each!

Now available in our online store!