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February is National Cherry Month

Why February for National Cherry Month?  That is a common question that I hear from my customers?  Now, I’m not an expert but I have been around for 30 years selling cherries out of my fruit stand and although I don’t remember when February became  “Cherry Month”  I do remember hearing why.  So here is the skinny:  George Washington’s birthday is celebrated in February and everyone remembers that he cut down that cherry tree. It is also a perfect time for us(the farmers)  to pump up ” cherry knowledge and recipes”  Many think that should happen in July when cherries become ripe but we are too busy harvesting to think about their image.  Well, that is my take on it anyway.  In light of this we at King Orchards hope to dazzle you with tid bits of facts, recipes, and inspiration on our favorite passion “the cherry”.  Join us through out the month and we hope you have a cherrific time learning about cherries.