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Beautifully Cold Day at King Orchards


ColdI woke up to some surprising weather this morning. We have had quite a few cold days at the farm this year, however this was one of the coldest temperatures I have caught. In spite of the negative temperatures, the sun actually decided to come out today and make for a beautifully cold day.

We have gotten quite a bit of snow this year in Northern Michigan. The local ski resorts are reporting around 85″ of snowfall this year! The orchard is blanketed with snow and the parking lot is piling up with snowbanks. We thought today was a great day to get some photos while the sun (finally) came out.

Despite all the snow in the orchard, the cold, snowy winter we have had has been very good for the fruit trees. As long as the temperatures primarily stay below freezing into March, the 2014 fruit crop will thrive from the winter we have had thus far.

The snowbanks keep growing & King orchards is still open with Montmorency tart cherry juice.
The snowbanks keep growing!
King Orchards U-Pick Honeycrisp trees don’t mined the cold and snow
Apple trees behind the M-88 market